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Moving Frauds in Texas

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How to Spot Moving Frauds & Extortion Scam Schemes By localmovings.com  Looking for affordable local moving services? First, you need to protect yourself when moving is very important. Many people assume that as they are given a quote, it will contain the price for their move and this price won’t change dramatically after the move […]

Tips to Help Recent Graduates with Moving

If you’re a new grad planning to move, here are some tips to help you decide what to bring. It’s always exciting to move into your first apartment after college, but it can be a fairly stressful task, too. If you’ve only ever lived in your childhood home and/or dorm rooms, chances are you have […]

Tips to move in Texas during the summer

If you’re planning on moving to Texas during the summer months, you’re probably already aware of the heat that awaits you. While the state is known for its hot summers, there are steps you can take to make the move more bearable. Here are some localmovings.com  tips for surviving the heat and making your move […]

When is the best time to hire movers and how do we go about it?

Moving, whether across town or the country, is a monumental task involving logistics, precious possessions, and uprooting your life. Finding the right moving company can make this overwhelming process seamless. Welcome to the ultimate guide on hiring movers. We’ll help you find the perfect moving company that meets your needs. Ready to take the stress […]

Selecting licensed movers in Texas: why is it important?

Moving is a significant event in anyone’s life. While most moves go smoothly, some dishonest or “rogue” movers may try to take advantage of you. The best defense against moving fraud is to be informed and aware of your options when choosing a moving company. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/select-mover

Texas Moving Blog

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Low Cost moving in Texas is the way to go for small budget movings. JUST MOVE THE BIG ITEMS! By Bankrate.com Many consider moving to be one of life’s most stressful and least fun events, especially the actual process of getting all your stuff from point A to point B. Once you’ve made the big […]

Be careful Fake movers in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas

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~Houston Chronicle The ads from the moving companies on Craigslist were enticing. A flat rate. No hidden fees. But the first sign that the promotions might not be as advertised was when the movers pressured consumers to sign contracts with “very small print.” Dozens of people in cities around the state report being victimized by […]

Craigslist Mover Scams & other Scams

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3 new Craigslist scams spreading now By Kim Komando  Published May 21, 2016  The Kim Komando Show Facebook160 Twitter 90 livefyre57  Email Print If you use Craigslist, you know you have to be careful. Three new scams are hitting the buy-and-sell website. Here’s what you need to know so you don’t become the next victim. 1. Hiring movers […]

Tips for an easy move!

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Moving boxes and other moving stuff isolated on white background Moving can be a dreaded ordeal. You set your move-in date, get excited about your new home, and then fear begins to set in thinking of the myriad belongings you’ll have to take with you. From furniture to electronics to all the little junk drawers […]

Commercial moving in Texas!

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COMMERCIAL MOVING We work with you to create a Low Cost with a FlatRate Plan for your commercial move. This will include: An inventory of all items to be relocated included in your flat rate Special building conditions and requirements Date and time of your relocation: To be a Low Cost and Efficient Move Special […]