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Tips for an easy move!

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Moving can be a dreaded ordeal. You set your move-in date, get excited about your new home, and then fear begins to set in thinking of the myriad belongings you’ll have to take with you. From furniture to electronics to all the little junk drawers — things pile up and can making moving seem overwhelming. One of the best ways to overcome the anxiety of moving is to start early. With some preparedness and these clever packing tips, you’ll realize moving isn’t so scary after all.

Here are some of our favorite clever packing tips to make your move a little easier:

Go to local stores and ask for any extra boxes.

You’d be surprised at how expensive packing boxes can be! Most retailers get shipments of their products every day of the week and then break down and recycle all their empty boxes. If you catch them at the right time, you might be able to get a handful of great packing boxes for free! Try grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Plastic-wrap your liquids.

You don’t want your cleaning supplies, cooking oils, or toiletries to spill as you’re moving them. Just take off the bottle’s lid, place a piece of plastic wrap underneath, and then replace the lid, wrapping the plastic all the way around to create a seal.

Use towels, T-shirts, and blankets to wrap fragile belongings.

Instead of buying bubble wrap or special packing boxes, multitask by packing some of your clothing or towels around glasses, vases, and picture frames. Your fragile items will be protected, plus some of your clothes will already be packed! 

Move an entire closet of clothes all together.

If you have a closet full of hanging clothes, try just wrapping a garbage bag or a few large bands around the body of the clothing and then tie the tops of the hangers together. This way, you can pick up whole chunks of clothing at once and hang them right back up in your new closet. This method will also help you avoid the dreaded, tangled mess of packing clothes hangers.

Move dressers without unpacking the drawers.

Before you carry your large dresser down the stairs and into a moving truck, take out all the drawers and set them aside. This will make the dresser a little lighter for carrying. Then, before you move anything else into the truck, replace the drawers in the dresser and move it all at once. When you get to your new home, move it the same way and your dresser will be intact! 

Use empty egg cartons to pack small items and jewelry.

Each compartment of the egg carton will help you keep your nails and screws separate and keep necklaces from getting tied together.

Label your boxes.

Either with color-coded label stickers or simply with a sharpie, make your life easier by knowing what’s in each box. You can label them per room so you and your moving helpers know where to set each box down upon arrival, or you can make a short list of the important items in each box to make them easier to unpack efficiently. 

Whether you’re moving across the country or just a few blocks away, moving can be stressful. We hope these packing tips help make your move a little easier. 

Do you have any tips to add to our list? Please comment below with your clever packing tips.

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