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The Budget for your Move- Moving Cost Calculation: Important Factors

Trying to estimate the budget/ cost for your move? Having a good idea about the distance to move (point A to B), the number of items you have, moving supplies required, labor and transportation costs can enable you to estimate the cost of your move. Big Factors to consider, the size of your home, your moving company, and the distance you’re moving. There are other things too that impact your final moving budget like costs of packing supplies, your moving date, and moving insurance will all impact the final price.

Cargo COSTS-Industry minimum standards

Transportation costs take up the major portion of your moving cost no matter if you are moving a short distance or long distance. Generally, short distance moving companies charge a minimum rate for each hour, which means that they will still charge you for the whole hour, even if it takes only three-quarters of an hour to move. Long distance movers usually charge by the pound to have different rates for different distances. If you want to have an estimate, you can find the cargo costs by collecting quotes from at least 3 moving companies.


The driving time from point A to B It directly influences the moving cost as the further away it is, the longer it takes to cover the distance and consequently the higher the cost. You can do a Google map search to find the distance. It will not only show you the accurate distance but also mention the time it takes you to drive from one place to another.


The number and weight of things you are moving is an important factor when estimating the cost of your move. Especially, if you are moving to another city, it is all the more important because interstate moving companies typically use a formula that takes into account the pound of weight as well as the cubic feet they will occupy. So, the more you have to move, the higher the cost of moving is. To minimize this cost, you can consider stuffing as many things in as little space as you can.


Cost of packing and moving supplies highly impacts the total moving expenses. Moving supplies including packing boxes, tapes, labels, bubble wraps, and markers can make a significant impact on your moving costs. You should create a list of all the things you will need along with their tentative costs. Even free moving supplies, such as boxes and wrapping paper, can still add to your moving cost because they increase the weight and volume of your things.

 MOVING date and time

Moving time also impacts your moving budget as moving companies charge a hefty amount if you choose to move on weekends and/or month end. A mid-week and/or mid-month move costs you much less than that. Moving companies never compromise or give discounts on weekends as weekends are the busiest business days for them. So moving on weekends may increase your final moving cost. It is always advisable to plan your move during mid-month and mid-week to save money. During peak seasons like the end of a school session or end of the financial year too, moving companies do not entertain you. And if you have to move on weekends, month end or during peak moving season then it is recommended to book your moving company much prior than the scheduled time.


The other factors that might impact your moving cost these factors may include- how many floors up, how close is the truck from the loading/ unloading points, will you want to protect all your items prior to loading (plastic and padding-wrapping? toll charges, warehouse costs etc. If you want to hire extra labor for loading and unloading and other tasks like disassembling and reassembling of your furniture then this cost will also impact your final moving price.

How soon do you need to move

Another major factor that impacts the moving cost is freight time, means the time taken to deliver the goods. If you want your products to be delivered in one day then the moving company you hired will need to deploy more crew and have to choose fast transportation means so will charge accordingly.

Cost estimation is an integral part of the moving process, however, it is advisable to interview your moving company and ask all the above questions, and compare at the very least 3 Moving companies’ estimates for a final decision, especially when you are moving on a budget. By knowing the primary factors affecting it, you get a fair idea of how much money you will need to move easily.

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