Moving Tips For Downsizing- Seniors

By Self Storage: Moving Tips, Tricks and Secrets! Moving is a big job, but when you’re a senior and you’re moving from the home you’ve raised your family in to something smaller, you have some specific considerations you have to make. You can take measures to reduce the stress of the days ahead. Here’s a […]

Determining the Time Your Move Will Take

We would like to look into a crystal ball and find out exactly how long our move will take? This is true, every time you move, there are several factors that determine the total time it takes to complete your move. How long would it take? These moving factors can help you come up with a pretty  […]

Tax filing season is here!

Many taxpayers are anxiously awaiting this year’s tax refund that they hope to use to pay down debt, pad their savings or make a big purchase. Historically, almost three-quarters of Americans receive a refund, which has averaged just under $3,000, a big sum for many families. This year, the Internal Revenue Service expects most refunds to be issued in […]

Moving In Texas? The lowest price may not be the best deal.

By law, Texas movers must be licensed with the TxDMV. If you hire one that isn’t, you risk losing your belongings.If you plan to hire a mover within Texas, Local Movings has some valuable information for you. Whether you are moving across town or across the state, we want you to know that the lowest […]

Small Business Tax Returns in 2019. Here’s What You Should Know.

By Jennifer Dunn Mark these deadlines As a small business owner, it can feel like tax deadlines constantly sneak up. Quarterly estimated taxes? Sending 1099s to contractors? Income tax day? It can be all too easy for busy business owners to overlook the tax calendar, missing a due date and facing a penalty. “We’re here to […]

Frustrated military families with the moving process and Privatization!

By: Karen Jowers Officials must get the process right so that the household goods program doesn’t “end up where we are with the housing situation,” said Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C. Don’t make the same mistakes with privatizing the management of household goodsmoves that DoD did with privatized military housing. And listen to military families, senators cautioned the commander […]

Keep your hands off borrowing from your 401(k)!

By Joyce Walsack Ask most financial advisors about borrowing from your 401(k), and their response will be brief and blunt: “Don’t do it.” Those three words sum up the prevailing sentiment on the subject. Still, the dire warnings don’t scare everyone from tapping into their nest egg. According to Forbes, roughly 40 percent of individuals with a […]

Tips for Moving In the Rain

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day. Your move has been planned for weeks or even months, and a heavy rain on the moving day can be catastrophic. Use these strategies to keep belongings dry and relocate safely to the new destination. 1. Grab Garbage Bags. Plastic trash bags haare great to put over […]

Local MovingS – How Your Move Can be Cost-Efficient and Stressless.

~By Alexander Harris Local Movings – How Your Move Can be Cost-Efficient and Stressless. Moving is one of the most stressful life events that you can experience. While it is fun and exciting to start a new chapter in your life, actually planning a move is a major headache. From finding a reliable moving company to […]

The Budget for your Move- Moving Cost Calculation: Important Factors

Trying to estimate the budget/ cost for your move? Having a good idea about the distance to move (point A to B), the number of items you have, moving supplies required, labor and transportation costs can enable you to estimate the cost of your move. Big Factors to consider, the size of your home, your […]