Moving In Texas? The lowest price may not be the best deal.

By law, Texas movers must be licensed with the TxDMV. If you hire one that isn’t, you risk losing your belongings.If you plan to hire a mover within Texas, Local Movings has some valuable information for you. Whether you are moving across town or across the state, we want you to know that the lowest price may not be the best deal when choosing a mover All household goods movers operating within Texas are required to obtain a certificate of motor carrier registration and have proof of insurance on file with TX DOT. This includes major van lines, as well as local movers with pick-up trucks and trailers.  There are many moving companies out there, so choose your mover carefully. Shop around to find the best prices and services. While TX DOT cannot recommend movers, they can verify if your mover is properly registered and give you information about the mover’s complaint history.

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Local Movings provides you with a written proposal, which is required by law. This may be either a binding proposal, which states the price of the move, or a not-to-exceed proposal, which states the maximum hourly or flat price of the move, but allows the mover to charge less than the  maximum, For any mover to give you an accurate estimate, you must be clear about the items you want moved and advise them of any special conditions, such as stairs, long carries or elevators that are involved in the move. Local Moving’s proposal also indicate what forms of payment are  accepted, such as personal checks or credit card.

All movings companies must provide you with a moving services contract. This contract could be in the form  of a bill of lading, a work ticket, or other receipt. This contract should contain all of the information about your move including your name, mover’s name, and amount of mover’s liability for loss or damage of your goods. You should verify pick-up and delivery dates are correct on  the contract. Carefully read and make sure all documents offered by the mover are filled out completely before you sign them. A descriptive inventory can be done, usually at an extra cost that lists all the items being moved and their condition. The inventory will be done at loading  and unloading to inspect the condition of the goods.

All movers registered with TX DOT have a standard liability of 60 cents per pound per article. This means the moving company is only required to reimburse you $30 for a 50-pound television. You must ask your local mover about a higher level of liability (valuation), which will usually require an  additional fee. It is important to note that a higher level of liability is not the same as purchasing transit insurance. You should ask your mover if they can sell you a transit insurance, which helps cover loss or damage to your goods,however, the best option would be to  purchase this type of policy from an insurance company.

Local Movings is registered with TX DOT’S Motor Carrier Division, which handles all inquiries regarding household goods movers. 

Local Movings recommends that consumers check with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) to make sure that the moving companies they are considering have their license. You may view motor carrier registration and information from our Website

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