Smart Tips To Make Moving a Fun Move

BY JANE SCEARCE 1. Be thrifty, find free moving boxes Save a little cash and acquire all the boxes you need for free. Best places: the ‘free’ section on Craigslist, grocery and clothing stores, and warehouse style stores. 2. Purge your stuff Now that you’re sorting through all your things, it’s a perfect time to […]

Local Movings: Affordable In-house Movers and Moving Helpers

LOCAL MOVINGS: MOVING FURNITURE & BOXES WITHIN THE EXISTING HOME OR OFFICE $120 Flat Rate Move: 2 MOVERS /2 HOURS Texas low cost 2 movers 2 hours, 2 Movers + packing/ unpacking + wrapping + unwrapping+ Di-assembling/Assembling+ loading/ unloading. RENOVATIONS AND LOCAL MOVINGS Having new flooring or carpet installed? Is the home being painted? Home […]

Flat Rate Movers vs. Hourly Movers

As if choosing a moving company is not already stressful enough, you also have to decide whether a flat or hourly rate is better for you. One is not necessarily better than the other. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and are more suited to specific moves and circumstances. Therefore, just because a friend went […]

The 10 best tips to prepare for the 2017 tax season

It’s hard to believe the 2017 tax season is nearly here, and you’ll be getting the information you need to settle up your 2016 tax return with Uncle Sam. Take advantage of the tax benefits available to you throughout the year. First, think about getting organized. It’s important to have one place — a large […]

Packing Books In 7 Simple Steps

Packing Books In 7 Simple Steps Most of the people who are getting ready to move out of their homes don’t always stick a High Priority label to the job of packing books. Such an obvious underestimation may be the direct result of 1) people having too many things on their minds to worry about […]

Documents You will need to be pre-approved for a mortgage

Get Pre-qualified for a Mortgage Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist Whether you’ve completed the prequalification process with U.S. Bank or not you can apply for pre-approval at any time. The first step is to complete a full mortgage loan application, including the following information. This is a partial list; your mortgage loan originator can tell you about […]

Moving in Bad Weather?

It’s moving day. Everything is packed, the movers are parked outside, and despite your prayers for sunshine the weather forecast is coming true—a storm is brewing, prompting worries of soaked boxes and ruined furniture. Rain or shine – we hope you’re prepared for whatever your moving day throws at you. Here are a few pieces […]

Hurricane Harvey: Help your family prepare for this natural disaster

Help your family prepare for a natural disaster. Hurricanes How to prepare: Learn your community’s evacuation routes and nearest evacuation shelters. Make plans for special assistance for the elderly, disabled, and pets. Learn about emergency plans for your children’s school or daycare center. Meet with household members and discuss how to respond to a pending […]

Dining Rooms- Be Creative Be cute Be Yourself

From Holiday to Everyday: The Year-Round Dining Room Formal dining rooms are perfect during the busy holiday season. But what about the rest of the year? If you’re unsure what to do with your unused space between celebrations, consider going with a multi-purpose update. Here are a few upgrades that will help your dining room […]

How to Move Your Grandfather Clock

How to Pack my Grandfather Clock for Moving. Follow these easy steps and you are on your way to moving your Grandfather clock.Always start with the weights down about 3 – 4 days of the move.You will need gloves, scissors, newspaper, painters tape, packing tape, a large blanket and about 40 minutes. 1. Open the […]