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Local Movings Pricing

Here at we have made it very easy for you to calculate pricing for your move with a FIXED PRICE: Great for ANY move.

$239 Fixed Rate Move: 2 Hours with 3 Movers and a Box Truck

Moving Service with 3 movers and a truck – 2 hours minimum includes:

  • Free Shrink Plastic 
  • Basic tools and Equipment
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Di-assembling and Assembling
  • Complementary Intrastate Insurance
  •  Free Fuel and Up to 20 miles for local moves. Additional miles price is $1 per mile, you can buy to 10 more local miles.
  • After 2 hours of moving services, the rate is $25 for every 15 minutes.

Any move where the distance from point A-B is more than 35 miles is considered a long-distance move, and therefore, will not have free miles.

Why Do You SAVE MONEY With 3 Movers in Certain Situations?

When you have the correct number of movers, you will save money on the total cost of your move, even though the hourly cost might be higher. That is where it is difficult to explain to people.
When paying by the hour, even if you pay more per hour for 3 movers versus 2 movers, if your overall move is completed three hours earlier….then you have saved money and time on the total cost of your move.

Real Case Example:
• Our hourly rate for 2 movers $199 as published on our web site.
• Our hourly rate for 3 movers is $239 as published on our web site.
FACT: Three movers will ALWAYS move faster than 2 movers.
Two Scenarios:

• IF 2 movers take 7. hours to complete a job, you will be spending $574
• 3 movers will normally complete the same job in 5 hours, and you will be spending $539
• IF 2 movers take 3. hours to complete a job, you will be spending $275
• 3 movers will normally complete the same job in 2 hours, and you will be spending $239

That is right, you will save at least $35 dollars 1st example and $36 2nd example.
• Your movers were not as tired
• They worked/ advanced faster
• They were better able to protect your valuables in all the difficult moving situations that came up such as:
moving stairs, heavy items, or walking long distances from the truck to your home.


$200 for 2 hours- $25 for each additional 15 minutes.

Moving Service with 3 movers  – 2 hours minimum includes:

  • Plastic + Padding: for protection
  • Basic tools and equipment
  • Packing + Unpacking
  • Di-assembling + Assembling
  • Onsite placing and  storing
  • Patio and garages organizing 
  • Protection of floors

Having new flooring or carpet installed? Is the home being painted? Home improvement companies typically do not move furniture, that means that someone will have to clear out the rooms being renovated. People often hire our movers to have the items moved to another room, garage or portable storage container (POD) outside while work is being done to the home. When the work is complete, our movers will put everything back where it belongs.
If you’ve purchased new furniture you probably need to get rid of the old stuff. Donation pick-up services usually require the items to be on the ground level or outside of the home. Not all furniture delivery services will bring the items into your home either. There are many occasions where they must leave the furniture on the ground floor or outside of the home. We can take over from there, placing the new furniture into the correct rooms.
Want to move a sofa from the living room to the family room? Or swap bedroom suites between two bedrooms? Whatever the scenario, our movers are ready to help move furniture around your home.
If you’re preparing to sell your home you may decide to stage it. If so, you will probably need furniture and boxes moved to different places within the home, garage or POD.
You’ve been granted the ability to evict your tenant and now everything needs to be moved out of the home. Whether to a dumpster or the curb, our movers can help.
You’ve got a massive armoire that you want to get rid of but it’s on the 2nd floor and too heavy to move by yourself. We’re here to help.

We are the moving company for,, in  TX! Local movings work with 100+ Real Estate brokers in Texas, believe me, that is huge!
Thank you again!


Every move is unique and your move could take more or less time than we estimate. Ultimately, there are many variables that contribute to how long you move takes. It’s important to understand how these variables may affect your total move time to help you plan accordingly.

Elevator, Long Carry and Stairs:

In a perfect world, your truck or container would be sitting just a few feet from your home. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and it’s usually much more complicated than that. When the movers have to climb stairs, use an elevator (reserved or not) or walk a long distance (long carry) it can substantially increase the time it takes to complete your move.

Packing, Assembly, and Disassembly:

Our time estimates are based on the assumption that your items are already packed and there is minimal assembly/disassembly required. Your moving help can absolutely provide these services for you, however, it will impact your move completion time.

Drive Time:

Travel time to and from your location is included in your rate and the movers won’t begin billing until they arrive. However, if you’ve booked a single moving crew to both loads and unload on the same day, then the drive time between your origin and destination is billable time.

Make your move a cost-efficient one by choosing Local Movings’ moving services! Get started by giving us a call, or fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch to set you up for a free, no-obligation moving estimate!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Moving Company that is  Owned, Insured & Operated by Local Movers-
  • Local MovingS is State Licensed and Regulated by the TEXAS DMV for Your Protection
  • We are an Insured Moving Company with a DOT & Moving Authority in Texas
  • Recommended by,,, Many Realtors, Buyers and Sellers inTexas
  • Friendly Movers & Packers
  • Simple, Upfront Pricing
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Local Movers and Packers 
  • More than 50000 Local Moves in Texas
  • No hidden fees! Our Local Move’s Fixed-Price covers loading-driving-unloading.

Ask us about our Senior Citizen, Active Duty, and Students Discounts!

*Our Prices include travel for Local Moves ONLY-  A Local Move is considered a move that is within 25 miles radius from our office, and 25 between point A-B.

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