Commercial moving in Texas!


We work with you to create a Low Cost with a FlatRate Plan for your commercial move. This will include:

  • An inventory of all items to be relocated included in your flat rate
  • Special building conditions and requirements
  • Date and time of your relocation: To be a Low Cost and Efficient Move
  • Special instructions for setting up the new Office/ Relocation in Texas
  • A guaranteed Low Cost Local Move with a Flat Rate that won’t change

Using the Move Plan, we will work with you to create a strategy for the move, including:

  • Tagging and color-coding workstations so they can be reassembled in an orderly fashion at the new location
  • Prioritizing items for the move; staging
  • Studying floor plans and building requirements for the old location and relocation
  • Working with your schedule so the low cost move happens at a convenient time for your business

Your employees don’t have to lift a finger. Our low cost movers do it all:

  • Protecting floors and walls: Low Cost Move in Action!
  • Wrapping furniture
  • Boxing files, electronics, and personal items
  • Keeping books and files in order and ready for reassembly in the same way at the new location

Responsibility–We avoid delays by having standby precautions at the ready. When you hire us, you can breathe easy because we take responsibility for making your low cost move a happy one. We can handle many situations with:

  • Extra movers
  • Extra trucks
  • Upon request carpenters
  • Outstanding customer service

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